First Tee Golf Program Helping Youth Navigate Life Skills

At KemperSports, we’re all about finding ways to translate golf into valuable life lessons such as patience, long-term strategy, the importance of spending time with friends and family, good management, safety plans, and more.

An example of a program that personifies what KemperSports stands for is The First Tee program, which helps our youth navigate through developing life skills. The Frist Tee is an organization that is dedicated to developing youth and introducing them to the game of golf. Through the game of golf, The First Tee program aims to teach youth the inherent values of the game and how they can apply to everyday life.

The First Tee offers after-school and in-school programs in its efforts to impact the lives of many young people from all walks of life. The program is making a difference by using golf to instill in our youth important life lessons such as integrity, respect, and perseverance.

The impact of The First Tee program is tangible. It not only helps create better golfers, it is also producing better people. In 2016, the program was introduced to more than 5.3 million youth and of those young people benefited greatly from their First Tee experience. A whopping 91 percent of all First Tee alumni engaged in community service while in the program and 85 percent of alumni credit the program with helping them become a better student.

The First Tee program is built around nine core values that drive the direction of the life lessons taught. Young people and their parents can benefit from these core values, which are:

Courtesy: The game of golf teaches us considerate behavior towards others, as well as several polite remarks and gestures. Rounds of golf typically begin and end with a handshake between competitors, and players display common courtesies throughout the round such as remaining quiet while another golfer is shooting.

Judgement: Golf teaches us how to reach an informed decision after consideration. Using good judgement is very important in golf, from selecting the right club to knowing when to play it safe or be more aggressive with your approach.

Honesty: Unlike most other sports, golfers will regularly call penalties on themselves and are in charge of reporting their own score at the end of a round. These circumstances help teach honesty along the way.

Integrity: Proper etiquette and personal conduct are very important in golf. The game helps teach us to act with personal accountability and integrity even when no one else is watching.

Sportsmanship: You can’t win them all, and no sport will humble you quite like golf. Regardless of how you’re playing on a particular day, golf is a game that is to be played with class and grace. This helps us learn the idea of good sportsmanship.

Respect: There is a lot of respect to be had in golf. Golfers must respect themselves, their competitors, and the golf course throughout the round. Having respect for the game and its traditions is important and can teach us the value of respect in other walks of life.

Confidence: Golf is an individualized sport that can quickly build one’s confidence and self-assurance. Confidence is important in nearly every aspect of life, and the game of golf can quickly teach us to have reliance and trust in ourselves.

Responsibility: Having responsibilities and being accountable for one’s actions is an important part of life. Golf is a microcosm of this life lesson because golfers are responsible for many things throughout a round such as recording their score, fixing divots, raking bunkers, and keeping up with pace of play.

Perseverance: There are always going to be obstacles in life that we have to find a way to get over. Golf is a game that teaches you quickly to bounce back from bad breaks and mistakes. Learning the game will help you persevere on the course and in life.

KemperSports is proud to be the host site of 22 First Tee locations throughout the country. Thank you for reading our blog, we invite you to visit again soon to read more about golf and how it can be used to help shape our lives.